3 Ways to Promote Your Church Bulletin

Church bulletins can be one of the most powerful tools in the marketing toolbox of a church. If you want to make the most of your newly printed church bulletins keep reading for some simple, worldofkink but highly effective tips.

1. Start a Church Email Newsletter

A great way to stay in touch with church members is to create an email newsletter. Everyone seems to be online nowadays and most people have email accounts. If you can get members to subscribes you can send an email newsletter version of your church bulletin.

This way you are catching both career101 Internet friendly people and people who prefer the printed version. You could even offer a downloadable PDF version of your bulletin that members could print out as needed to stay current.

The best way to start building an email list is to put a signup form on your website that is very visible and offer an incentive for members to sign up. Just be sure not to abuse their email by sending too many messages per month. Less is more!

2. Put it Everywhere

Church bulletins are small and thin, vayajamones which means you can put them just about anywhere. Put them around the church, on seats or benches, at the front entrance and best of all, have someone hand them out before mass. You could also post one up on a bulletin board and have them around any office or in any related buildings.

The more places you put your church bulletins, the more likely people will be to read them. Just be sure to remove old bulletins when they become outdated, sport123s recycle them and put out new ones. If you see they are not all being taken, try printing a few less next time to save on money.

3. Make it Useful

This may sound obvious, but many church bulletins are boring and do not have much useful information. If you can find a way to spice up your bulletins and make them really useful, elmbrookpsych people will always keep one on hand. Promote exciting events, news, fun facts, statistics and anything else you can about the church and what is going on.

Don’t be afraid to ask church staff and members for input on the bulletins. Ask them what they liked, didn’t like and what they would be interested in seeing in the next bulletin.

The more feedback you get the better your chances will be of providing a truly useful church bulletin. Keep these tips on hand and remember them the next time you print your new bulletins. adfox


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