Clearing the Way to Christ Consciousness

“The Apostles got into the Boat and went to the other side” Matthew 14:22

Keep this Scripture in mind as we weave our way through this article, we shall return to it later.

For centuries, like beavers, man / woman has been building dams to blocking our divine nature.

Consequently, so many people in the world today are living their bliss, their soul-potential unconsciously, as conscious ignorance or inverted bliss. Parallel to this we have the term “ignorance is bliss”, so, how is this latter expression to be understood spiritually, inpix or is it simply a play on words?

“Ignorance is bliss” could be interpreted as “what we don’t know won’t hurt us”, in that, the mind is spared the need of digesting unpleasant facts such as negatively charged TV and Radio news bulletins. On the other hand, “Ignorance is bliss” can translate as unconscious bliss potential awaiting integration.

In reality spiritual ignorance is subconsciousness in need of purification — an aspect of mind waiting to be made conscious. In other words, while “Life is Bliss”, Life requires a fully conscious awareness to reflect the nature of bliss: unconditional love, compassion, bocoranadminriki creativity…

The Barrier

While spiritual ignorance indeed poses the obvious barrier to realization in God-Consciousness, More sites visit here:-  ignorance is a necessary dynamic which we must all undergo in depotentializing the soul’s non-serving belief systems (sin seeds) which have become embedded in the subjective mind or soul. Otherwise, under law, evolution continues replaying these previously established sin molds — our non consciously dealt with “cause” (of effect) thought patterns.

By way of automatic behavior, subconsciousness controls our human value system, world perceptions: our every mental activity in daily life. In other words, on acceptance in deeper mind, negatively charged thought seeds (sin nature) travel from the brain to the solar plexus, where they germinate to be “manufactured” as our physical / mental environment. Thus also is cyclical reincarnation programming, maintained.

In effect ignorance (of spiritual nature) serves only to reflect that which is unnatural to our eternal immaterial or spirit nature. To knowingly endure the status quo of spiritual ignorance — partake of its fruits — is to consciously choose pain / suffering. On the other hand, sin / ignorance is Grace or healing-forgiveness in waiting — a calling out for conscious integration. “Sin” — the manifestations of ignorance — should be grasped willingly thereby allow Divine Light shatter its basis. Doing so allows the soul come under the direct influence of our own inner Unifying Christ Consciousness.

How Sin / Ignorance is Processed Within

This sub-level nature of “hell on earth” or “hell of our life” is created when the subjective mind is negatively charged with fear, stress, anger, worry, bias, judgmentalism and so on, to include excesses of unnatural sense gratification; our thought processes becoming automatically aligned to the “jink in, junk out” cycle. Thus, the unconscious, taking these engraved emotive patterns to be our conviction desires or command, manifests these patterns into our physical form and life experiences. “As we sew (in mind) so shall we reap” (experience).

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