Internet Marketing and Social Networking – A Match Made in Cyber Space Heaven!

On January 22, 2010 Nielsen Wire published a report stating that time spent on social networking sites had increased from 3 hours per month to 5.5 hours per month in the last year, frontiernews representing an 82% increase in the use of social media. These people are not only using the social networking sites for personal enjoyment but also for seeking out products and services they want to purchase. Social networking has taken the whole concept of internet marketing to a whole new level.

It was not long ago that social networking, especially associated with promoting your business online, barely existed. But these days, if you are an Entrepreneur and you do not have a modest understanding of social networking and howyou can use it to drive traffic to your business, then you are already behind most of your competition. Just like the Media and Public Relations Directors of yesterday drove company messages to the masses through basic advertising, Internet and Social Media Sites localletter are driving those same messages to a brand new type of consumer that is now technologically advanced.

Sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are bringing businesses and the public together by the thousands. So how can this help you more than what you are already doing? Well take a look at this example for instance: let’s say your little boutique shop on main street in small town America can fit one hundred customers at any giving time. Multiply that by the average number of minutes they browse, newspoke then by the number of hours you are open, add in the environmental variables (rain, snow, etc.) and then take out the ones who do not buy anything. Somewhere in there you will get your active daily clientele. These numbers are very hard to count on, and there are only so many hours in your business day. It is also difficult to pin point what the consumer will want to buy and then hope you have it stocked in your limited retail space. All of these variables and dynamics change with Internet marketing and social networking sites. They are open 24 hours a day and can bring you customers from all over the world, instead of you just counting on the traffic from your hometown area.

A great social network marketing campaign can make or topicals break a company. Remember in high school how good and or bad news could spread through the school in one day? Social networking online makes it possible to spread the same information around the world in just minutes. Internet marketing and social networking is a match made in cyber space heaven and your ability to conquer this new frontier could literally be the difference between success and failure.

Social networking sites also provide little to no guesswork to what consumers are looking for. They give up a vast array of personal information in the name of “social networking” or “social connecting”. No longer do you have to look at a customer and wonder what kind of t-shirt will they like. Most of them are telling you what they like and dislike through their own personal profiles. What they are not telling you with their personal profiles, they are telling you with the groups that they are joining, the pages they are becoming friends of and or the post they are leaving. For more details please visit:-


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