AI Programmers Making News Synthesizers and Readers – 2011 Artificial Intelligent News

Did you know that AI or artificial intelligence is getting better and smarter each day? It’s true, and these AI news synthesizers are incredibly advanced. In fact, tbadaily some of what is to come in 2011, is almost scarier than what is already here and operating behind the scenes. Some things you probably didn’t know. Oh, so now I have your curiosity, do I? Okay so you are wondering if what I am saying is true? Indeed it is.

In fact there was a great article on this topic in the New York Times on December 22, 2010 titled; “Wall Street Computer That Trade on the News,” by Graham Bowley. In the article it stated that academic and business teams had put together almost 4,000 words that might be found in a business news story about a company, how so you ask?

Well, words and phrases, and the article stated; “Feel-good or Feel Bad words include obvious ones like; Ingenuity, Strength, Winner, Litigious, Colludes, Risk, etc.” and “The software typically identifies the subject of a story and then examines the actual words. The programs are written to recognize the meaning of words and phrases in context, like distinguishing between; terribly, good and terribly good.”

Perhaps you are aware that most large companies have “resume readers” now, which look for key words such as MBA, University of, 10 years at, etc, etc. and this saves time from reading through 10,000 job applicant resumes, weeding it down to 20-50 or so, to be looked at as a second review? And perhaps, you didn’t know that there is now derivative software which re-writes articles changing wording to make new versions of the same article.

Further, some writing software now allows newbie reporters to punch in the; who, what, when, where, and how, and create the entire news story, obituary, traffic accident, fire incident, arrest, political even, etc. – Indeed, other news software now scours many news sources, and creates the new article borrowing re-written derivative phrases from several articles, and thus, totally eliminates the need for reporters or writers at all?


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