How to Make Skateboarding Safety Gear Cool for Young Children

Are you having trouble getting your kids to wear their safety gear while skateboarding? Are you concerned that they will not want to wear the new safety gear you have purchased them? It’s easier to get younger children to oblige with safety requirements because buzznewzs they don’t know any different. You can instill habits that safety is cool at a young age and they will keep these habits with them as they grow older and more advanced in skateboarding.

Start Them Young

My three-year old wears safety gear when she skates. She’s hardly able to stand on the board alone and most of the time likes to do what my kids call “butt-boarding” which is basically riding the board around while sitting on it. However, cybeerian we push the issue of safety gear at all times. As she grows older, it won’t seem odd or unusual at all to have helmet and pads on because it’s what she’s always known while skateboarding, just like wearing a seatbelt in the car. The younger you start instilling the habits, the easier it will be for these habits to stick with them.

Involve Them in the Process

Another way to make safety gear cool is to shikiblog allow your child to help with the process of picking it. Let him choose a helmet he likes or color and style of pads that he thinks are cool. You can be there to help show him which ones are approved but if you go to the skating section of a sporting goods store or skate shop, you will have more options and pretty much everything there will be good.

Set the Example

It’s very important that keetohpia you always set the example for your children. Never so much as stand on a board unless you have a helmet on yourself. Even if you are not a regular skater yourself, it’s important that you do not interact with the board or attempt to ride or do tricks without safety gear yourself. Children will get the impression that if it is OK for you, it’s OK for them as well. It only takes one time for a serious injury to occur. hydrotise

Show Them Positive Examples

Find professional techyzons skateboarders of various ages to show your children that they all wear proper equipment when skating. Press the issue that serious skaters know how important proper protection is. swagglife

Don’t Allow Any Exceptions

In addition to the guidelines above, it’s very important that you don’t allow any exceptions. If you let then ride “just once” without a helmet, bestzapps they will think it’s OK to do another time.


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